Our Side Show Story

Our Side Show Story…

They got itchy. Itchy for art and design when they were younger. Jenn created with her mom and scoured Flea Markets for the goods. Alyssa tagged along with her dad, learning how to “get the deal” at the Fleas. Both Jenn and Alyssa grew up in Leicester, MA and met tooting on instruments in the school band. They went on their merry ways, not knowing that their first meeting would grow into a sisterly friendship 20 years later due to their two sons, who were drawn to each other in preschool. (The art Gods were up to something!) Alyssa and Jenn realized they shared a passion for the flea market, creating, vintage style, junk and changing d├ęcor like underwear. These two gals put their brains together and The Flea Circus was created! And if you know anything about Alyssa and Jenn, they live in a 3-Ring Circus! One loves the spotlight and stage, one loves writing and drawing, and they both love to create all the while raising their families and working full-time. It’s a real balancing act for these two gals, but they look at life with glittering eyes.

Step Right Up and enjoy the show…Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages…We welcome you to “The Flea Circus.” 

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  1. Hi girls.....Always love your things.....great ideas and new things are always popping up......great job......keep up the good work.