Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flea for All - Linky Party!

Welcome to our Linky Party!  We are so excited and thankful that you stopped by! Simply follow the rules below and link it up!
But! Before you do take a look at one of our Flea Market Re-do's

Here is one that Aly did awhile back. 
One Ugly Bedside Table That Looked So Tired and Worn Turns To...

A Beautiful Table With New Life!

Do you want to link up??? Of course!

  Find the flea market/thrift shop/etc item in your home that:
a. makes you smile every time you see it
b. you scored for an AMAZING deal
c. was something you searched high and low for and finally found
d. all of the above!

Leave us a message below with a picture of your item staged in your home!  If you have a website/blog/FB page make sure you leave that to so we can visit you often!

Link up ladies and gents!!  Spread the joy - share the whimsy!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stop Wine-ing... Start Crafting!

Ok Flea Fans... settle in, pour yourself a glass of wine and DON'T TOSS THAT CORK!!!

If you are like me, you save corks.  For most of them, the write the date and special occasion and toss them in a glass vase.  Others, I just toss in (because nothing screams "I have a problem" like a large vase of wine corks).  
Trying out my new app: Beautiful Mess (how fitting)

However, after starting to wonder if perhaps I did have a problem (hahah, who am I kidding, I'm a mom - wine is a necessity), I set out to find some fun crafty ideas for corks.  Whoa!  There is a lot out there! 

Here are just a few of the many I found - some useful, some funky - but one thing is for sure - this type of crafting is right up my ally!  I mean, how many craft projects are there where gathering your supplies is just as fun as the end result!

**Warning:  consuming wine prior to crafting may result in one heck of a project

This one BLEW. MY. MIND!- Dying cork with Rit Dye (tutorial found here)

Dyed cork - who knew!!

Cork board - tutorial found via Suze Geeks Out

Wine Cork Pendants - tutorial found via Fiskars
Cork Chandelier via Shannon Quimby

Cork Garland via Anthropologie window

 I could seriously go on and on.  For more inspiration you can always search Pinterest.  Just make sure you have 2 hours and a bottle of wine :)

Have you done any crafts with corks?  Send us a pic or link to your blog!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Great Outdoors

With the warmer weather rolling in I am eager to get outside and work on projects - of course getting eaten by may flies and mosquitoes is a set back, but that is why there is bug spray!  

But beyond projects, summer brings about a 5 year tradition for me and my boys - camping!  Now, by NO means am I a "camper" (you can read all about one of my adventures here - then you'll see why)- but lately, I'm addicted.  Why the sudden change?  GLAMPERS!

I want one. I don't have a car big enough to pull one and I'm pretty sure my boys would shrink with embarrassment but all that aside, I want one.  I thought I wanted an Airstream - but after finding this Facebook page, I see there are way more funky options!

Via Enjoy Cupcakes
So, what is Glamping?  Well, basically, glamorous camping!  And you had me at glamorous!

Now, I have 2 major obstacles - 1.  convince the hubby that I do, in fact, need a glamper and 2. how to decorate it!!  I mean, just check out these cute redo's I found via The DIY Dreamer

Via Design Sponge
Via Rhonna Designs

Via Get Campie

I've only touched on the amazing possibilities these campers hold - both in style and ways to use them other than camping!  So while I am off day dreaming about what glamper I want rolling into the White Mountains, shout out some of your dreams!  

Do you have a glamper?  Show us the pics!!!  


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Something Old is New Again

This weekend at Crompton Collective is themed "Vintage Wedding Weekend" - you can read more about it here - and we totally say "I DO" to weddings, especially with a vintage twist.

While we've been busy pinning Vintage/Retro wedding ideas to our pinterest boardwe've also been ramping up our booth for brides, grooms, mothers and maids to delight in!

Here is a peek at some items we have added in!  From vintage to retro - we have what you need to walk down the aisle of your dreams!