Thursday, April 25, 2013

happy suitcases means happy travelers

"We took the road less traveled, and that made all the difference." -Robert Frost
Well, we really didn't. We took a road that a lot of people have traveled to D.C.
Seeing all of the sites!
The Flea Circus and family saw all of the museums and memorials and honored this great country. So, with travel comes suitcases and...

We collect suitcases. When I say collect, I mean that we really do have a good collection and these items just seem to magnetize towards us. These suitcases are fabulous because they...
1. Have a hard shell
2. Are vintage 
3. Have unique fabrics inside
4. Have many stories and thinking about all of the places they have traveled too is just fun
5. Are inexpensive and make great display pieces

So what can you do with these suitcases?
Make them into a table
Use them to travel
Store magazines in them(my husband has no idea how many I have ;)
Store children's books
Hold dress-up clothes in a playroom
Tie a ribbon around them and display them
Stack them

Share your ideas! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thrifty Storage

There are 2 things I like to collect - ok, who am I kidding, there is WAY more than 2, but for this post, let's pretend there are only 2.  
1.  Mason jars - why?  Well, one, my youngest son's name is Mason - and I am POSITIVE that when he has his own home, he will exclaim "look at all this time Mommy spent collecting every type of jar with my name on it!"  And two, they have endless craft/storage/decor possibilities.
2.  Scrapbook paper - I love the designs... I hate to scrapbook. This means I have to find other ways to use this versatile medium.

What a happy jar - this one is actually a Prego sauce jar.
So, my project today combines both of the items above into fun/thrifty storage and recycles everyday "waste".

Recycled jars/tin cans (I used tomato sauce & jelly jars/cans)
Scrapbook paper
Scissors or paper cutter

Step one:  Measure the width of your can/jar and cut paper to fit.  Play with height and vary them up for a fun look.


Step two:  Stamp on what is stored inside (optional). Wrap around and secure with the glue.  I also added dots of glue around the jar so the paper wouldn't slip.

Step three:  Fill with small craft goodies and display on your shelf - mine take up a shelf in my boys' playroom - this makes is accessible for all of us!

Step four:  Stand back and admire your storage.  Think of the possibilities!  What would you put in them?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tart Apple and Cool Breezy Blue Message Centers

Yes, it's all about splashes of color in your home and HAPPINESS and that's what we are bringing you today, Flea Circus Fans.

These message centers were created from pantry doors salvaged from a farm house in Southborough, Massachusetts. These doors have been crisply painted in tart apple and cool breezy blue, with fresh white on the backside. Chalkboard paint has been added to two sections for family notes, "to-do" lists, etc...A vintage Ball jar hangs from the tart apple message board with chalk.One will also be added to the cool breezy blue message center as well. ;)

These centers will add a *POP* of vintage originality to your home. Add some style with these message centers and SPREAD THE JOY; SHARE THE WHIMSY!

Monday, April 15, 2013

think pink and gray! repurposed dresser drawer

A drab brown dresser drawer needed some life, so I took out my brushes and paints and got to it!
I found some 1/2 priced quart sized gray paint in the discount section. The gray color is a perfect match for the bubble gum pink backdrop! 

The drawer will hang this way on the wall-tah dah!

Eye hooks hang on the inside to hang bunting, pictures, quotes, etc...
The deep shelf is perfect for bowls, plants, cookbooks, and ideas of your choice.
Imagine the possibilities of a dresser drawer and yes, this is for sale. ;)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Shop Our Style - Gold Dipped Table

So many wonderful things are happening at The Flea Circus!  And since New England is FINALLY getting some warmer weather - we've been able to get outside and work on projects!

But let's move on to our 2nd installation of Shop Our Style... First check out our newly styled booth at Crompton Collective

That magical cobalt blue table is what we are focused on today.  Styled with gold accents - this stunning piece would be a great pop of color in your foyer or living room!

Check out the before/after pics (and a great shot of the gold dipped legs)

From drab to fab!

Have you tried the color dipped technique?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

60's Shrine

Today I am highlighting my amazing husband and his wonderful restoration of a vintage 60's Shriner's Model T car/kart.  

Meet Lizzie:

While I like to say I inspired his creativity - I can't take any credit.  He worked on this for years before I met him. Lizzie is a Shriner's car (typically used in parades)Hubbie (and family) acquired her in the 1980's.  Once the boys outgrew the car - she sat, unused, gathering dust and rust.  

In late 2009, the restoration was complete!  In 2010, right around the time we began dating, we took her out and about to meet some pretty cool people!

Here she is meeting Wayne Carini of "Chasing Classic Cars"

And when the Pawn Stars came to Worcester... we took her over there for a little show and tell!

And finally, on May 6, 2012 - she finally took to the streets
(with the help of our sons)
Slowly we are learning more about these sweet cars that hold a lot of potential.  We plan to take her out more and show her off how she was meant to - parade style!

Do you have any Shriner car knowledge?  Tell us your story/memories/tidbit!