Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thrifty Storage

There are 2 things I like to collect - ok, who am I kidding, there is WAY more than 2, but for this post, let's pretend there are only 2.  
1.  Mason jars - why?  Well, one, my youngest son's name is Mason - and I am POSITIVE that when he has his own home, he will exclaim "look at all this time Mommy spent collecting every type of jar with my name on it!"  And two, they have endless craft/storage/decor possibilities.
2.  Scrapbook paper - I love the designs... I hate to scrapbook. This means I have to find other ways to use this versatile medium.

What a happy jar - this one is actually a Prego sauce jar.
So, my project today combines both of the items above into fun/thrifty storage and recycles everyday "waste".

Recycled jars/tin cans (I used tomato sauce & jelly jars/cans)
Scrapbook paper
Scissors or paper cutter

Step one:  Measure the width of your can/jar and cut paper to fit.  Play with height and vary them up for a fun look.


Step two:  Stamp on what is stored inside (optional). Wrap around and secure with the glue.  I also added dots of glue around the jar so the paper wouldn't slip.

Step three:  Fill with small craft goodies and display on your shelf - mine take up a shelf in my boys' playroom - this makes is accessible for all of us!

Step four:  Stand back and admire your storage.  Think of the possibilities!  What would you put in them?

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