Monday, January 14, 2013

Love Under the Big Top

Love is in the air here at The Flea Circus... finally!  I mean, for me, it was never a favorite holiday.  However, I am slowly coming around - and it is not due to the gushy emotions, it is quite simply because it gives me another reason to change my home decor!  Let's be honest, flowers die and chocolate adds pounds - but home decor is slimming and it lasts forever!

Today we are taking you back to our booth at Crompton Collective where Valentine's Day is our top shelf focus!

Vintage red and white tins have countless storage possibilities anywhere in your home and the Valentine alphabet pictures are just bursting with cuteness for your walls!  

Our style note - think outside of the box when choosing holiday decor.  Sweet and "perfectly" rusty items like the red phone and cash register can easily find new spots in your home for any occasion!

Hope you LOVE vintage decor as much as we do!!  Til next time - Spread the Joy, Share the Whimsy!

PS:  You can now follow our 3 ring journey on twitter @CircusFleas


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