Monday, January 28, 2013

The Whimsy is Spreading!

Aly and I are overjoyed with the response we have gotten these past few months - it is quite overwhelming!  But I have to say, when you first see one of your items on someone else's blog - it is mind blowing!!!  HUGE thanks to Amanda, from all the things, for not only doing a write up on the magic that is Crompton Collective, but for buying our whimsical utensil tray and using it in her home!  

Here is the pic she took...

Check out the post here!  Be sure to follow her - if you can keep up (she travels a lot) :)

Keep spreading the Joy, sharing the Whimsy!!


  1. You guys did great on that tray! Thanks so much for sharing this picture!

  2. Yeah girls! I need to get to crompton!! xoxo

  3. Thanks ladies! Amanda, we added you to our great sites bar - we'll be checking you out often!! Happy Travels!