Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vintage Bathroom Storage

No, my bathroom isn't vintage (unless you consider 1980's pre-fab a vintage), but my bathroom does lack storage - especially on the sink top.  That means, with only 1 bathroom in the house (YIKES) and 4 people, odds are the sink area will be cluttered.  And my husband hates clutter.  And his hatred has worn off on me :).  But lately, he has liked my creative ways of storing things - even when they are rusty/chippy/vintage!  BONUS!  

A few weeks ago, I eyed a perfectly chippy side table that would fit just right in between my bathroom sink and toilet.  It also had a shelf at the bottom - so 1 table + 2 shelves = more storage!

Sunday, I bought said chippy table, cleaned it off, slapped on poly to stop the chips from molting and set it in my bathroom.  While buying my new chippy (I am really enjoying this word today) table, I also came across some old coffee/tobacco/lard tins. Then it hit me... put them together - you have whimsical/industrial/vintage storage that makes your pre-fab home unique!

I am really loving how this turned out

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