Monday, March 25, 2013

Nailed It!

Yesterday, I set out to repaint a sofa table... yesterday, it was cold... and when you pit cold vs. spray paint, cold wins.  So after sanding down the table, my numb and vibrating hands thanked me for bringing them inside for a different project.  And this project involved SHOES!

See these shoes?  I haven't worn them in years!  But since I never throw away shoes, it seems the retro/chunky heel trend has resurfaced... and so, from the depths of my closet, have these shoes.  

This project is great for shoes you find on consignment or ones you just can't toss away - up/recycle them into NEW trends.  And the trend I am DIY-ing - metallic cap toe.

Pair of shoes
Nail polish (I did metallic silver)
Paintbrush (I used an angle brush)

Step One:  Draw the outline of your cap toe with the pencil.  I was able to erase and adjust to make sure they matched.  

Step Two:  Paint on the polish. You will most likely need a few coats.  I used 4 since it was a metallic silver.  Make sure you let each coat dry, just like your nails. (Note:  I did this on another pair of nude heels using hot pink polish - that took only 2 coats)

Step Three:  Once you have the desired look and coverage let them dry overnight

Step Four:  Wear with confidence!  

This project cost me $2 (nail polish)... $9 if you include the shoes purchased, on sale, 5 years ago.

Hope this inspires you to breath new life into some forgotten shoes and upcycle your way into a trendy Spring!

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