Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gumdrops are Falling on my Head!

This fun and easy (albeit, sticky) DIY project cost me .99!  Well, $100.99 if you include the cavity I will need to have filled, but I digress...

See this jar of yummy gumdrops?
I've been staring at this jar (which is now 1/2 full) in my office for 2 weeks!  I glare at the co-worker who dared bring these in while I stuff my face with them (but only yellow and purple) and then it finally hits me on how to stop this madness... CRAFT TIME!!!

Gum drops
Fishing line

Step one:  Gather supplies, dump out your gum drops, eat a few and get ready to get sticky!

Step two:  Start jabbing those cavity causers with the needle
Step three:  String up as many as you need to, as close as you want them.  If you don't use the whole bag, that's ok, you'll have leftovers to eat!
Step four:  Wash hands and hang your garland!

I couldn't decide where to hang mine... where do you think?


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