Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where Are My Non-Pastel Peeps?

Did you know that Saturday is Daylight Savings?  No?  Me either.  Thankfully, the cashier at the coffee shop did and as I paid for my morning brew, I groggily noticed the reminder sign she hung.  

Seeing this sign means Spring is coming and that solidifies 2 things for me today - 1: deciding to not wear tights with my skirt is now a justified decision and 2: starting to put up Easter decor is A-OK!

Easter, for me, is no where near Christmas when it comes to the amount of decor I attempt to shove into my small home.  And while I am known for devouring entire packages of Peeps in one sitting, I am not known for enjoying the pastel colors that Easter is traditionally known for. No offense if you do, it's just not my cup of tea.

Every year I attempt to find neutral/non-traditional Easter decor and every year, fall short. Last year, I took matters into my own hands... I scooped up 3 foam eggs at Michaels after the holiday- scoring 3 different sizes for a total of $3 (Love 80% off).  They were originally pastel pink, blue and purplewhich translates to no, way, and Jose.

Enter Easter 2013, my kids and acrylic paint!  

My supplies:
2 kids: one 11 and one 7
Paint:  (I chose)cream, grey and chalkboard black
3 eggs (one for each of us)

We each took a brush and a color and went to town...
Here is the during - you can still see some blue of the egg
It took about 3 coats of paint per egg and clearly you can use any color you want!  From here, embellish away or just leave alone.  I am still debating this last step - do I add buttons or no?  What do you think?  And while you are helping me - what the heck should I write on my chalkboard egg???  I'm at a loss for words...


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